Love Does Ministry

The concept of "Love Does" is nothing new to the Christian Faith. 1 Corinthians 13 shares several attributes about God's love, describing as a noun and a verb. During the our recent building process, we focused on the theme of "Bridging the Gap". Meaning, our church's intents are not on ourselves, but to our community around us. "Love Does" is an outflow of that. Since January 2016, our church has a certain focus that we desire to minister to. Whether it be a parachurch organization, community group, or societal need, our hope is that we minister to their physical needs while showing them the Hope that is in Christ for their spiritual need.

2017 Overview

January - Center for Pregnancy Choices                           July - Veterans Home  

February - Soup(er) Bowl                                                     August - Schools

March - Gideons                                                                   September - First Responders

April - Addictions                                                                  October - Operation Christmas Child

May - Family                                                                          November - Thanksgiving Meals

June - Hands Up Outreach                                                   December - Christmas Outreach

October, Operation Christmas Child

What a ministry that OCC is for so many across the globe each year, and BHBC is glad to partner with them again this year. Our goal is to gather 600 shoeboxes this year. Also, we will have a group of people serving at the Dallas processing center in December to help the shoeboxes get to their final location. 

September, First Responders

Even though our country has been blessed by the work of First Responders since the land was first settled, it seems that since the events of 9/11 we have come to realize just what they do for us, day in and day out. In September, Briar Hill wanted to make sure that our local first responders knew that we appreciate and support them in all that they do for our community. September 10th was our first First Responder appreciation Sunday, where all the first responders were given a small gift, then joined our church for a potluck appreciation lunch. 

August, Schools

During the month of August, Briar Hill wanted to reach out to the schools in a way that we haven't done recently. On the first Sunday Night, we met for a brief time of worship, then stepped out and went to the schools to cover them in prayer as the new school year started. In all, 10 campuses were prayed over that night, and continue to be prayed for! Additionally, our church reached out to the athletic and band departments as the Football and Marching season was in full swing. Over 400 students from two school were served a pregame meal. 

July, Veterans

Throughout the month of July, our church took up supplies and gifts for residents of the Sonny Montgomery Veterans Home, specifically those in the long-term care facilities. At the end of the month, we put together over 100 gift bags for the residents, including clothing items, personal hygiene, games, and candies. A group from BHBC was able to visit the residents, leading in their weekly time of Worship, and visiting each one, thanking them for their service to our country. 

June, Hands Up Outreach

We kick of June with VBS during the first week. We have chosen to designate our VBS offering to go toward the Hands Up Outreach Center in Richland, MS. Our goal this year is $500. [Update: We not only met, but doubled our VBS offering goal this year!]

We will also be receiving items to benefit the Grace Center Kitchen at Hands Up.

May, Families

During the month of May, it seems our calendars, especially our church calendar, gets filled up quick! The days are getting longer and warmer. Schools ending, seniors are graduating, all while we celebrate our Moms on their special day as well. While much of our attention is on some of these things, loving on our friends and families and celebrating accomplishments. But we also want put on spotlight on ways that we can reach out to families who may be in need. For this month we focused on two different areas when it comes to families, adoption/foster care and safe family care. Safe Families who is partnered with Bethany Christian Services in Jackson, focuses on those who need help with childcare, or supporting their child during times of crisis. As a church, we understand the importance of being a member, but being a neighbor as well. Our WMU will also be making pillows and pillow cases to give to children when they have to leave their homes during a time of crisis.

April, Addictions

Drugs, Pornography, Alcohol, Medications, Media, Sports, Work, Cellphones, and the list can go on and on. The second of the ten commands tells us that we will have idols, and we have to be careful not only that we have idols that take the place of where God should be in our lives, but that our idols don't become addictions that bring us to a place far from God.

The Teen Challenge ministry location in Pearl has been a saving hope for so many ladies in our area, and all around the Southeast who need the help from God, and the support from others around them to free them from the bondage of their addictions. The TC Ministry will visit our church and share with us how God is using them to bring about freedom, and how we can support them.

March, Gideons

During the month of March we think about Spring time, new life, and new beginning. As Christians, we experience a a new life in Christ when we become exposed to His ministry and teaching, and we realize what the Gospel means to us, and accept Christ as Lord of our life. As scripture itself points out in Rom 10:17, "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

This month we partner with the Gideon's organization to help spread the Word of God locally, and throughout the globe. We also reach out locally as a church in providing Bibles to our community. If you'd like to donate or help give bibles this month, please contact the church office for more details. You can always give directly to the Gideon's via their website.

February, Soup(er) Bowl

During the month of February, while the "Big Game" gets all the attention, we want to make sure we don't set our focus away from where it needs to be. Our church's desire for February, and all year long, that we make serving others, in Christ, the main thing! This month's focus is on assisting with two local mission organizations to provide meals to those in need. We are partnering with Gateway Rescue Mission this month to not only help serve meals on designated days, and with We Will Go Ministries of Jackson to help fill their pantry and supply closet also!

Serve Lunch at Gateway Rescue Mission

BHBC is registered to serve on the following dates during February: 2/11, 2/18, 2/20, 2/24, 2/25.

There is a sign up sheet in the hallway behind the sanctuary. Remember, before you go serve, please visit Gateway's website to register first, and find out   more info about the organization. You can find it at

Support the Food Ministry of We Will Go

Specific Needs:
Canned and/or Boxed Dry Foods
Bottled Water
Healthy, Non-Perishable Snacks
Paper Bags
Plastic Curtlery
Paper Towels and Napkins

You can drop off these items in the designated "Pantry" area in the long hallway next to Fellowship Hall.

Finally, as good Baptist do, we want to celebrate the month of Love Does by joining together in fellowship over a meal! Join us Sunday, February 26th, following Evening Worship Service for a soup fellowship. Bring your favorite soup so everyone can try it out!

For more information about Love Does emphasis for February, contact Teresa Slay.

January, Center for Pregnancy Choices

     The Love Does emphasis for January highlights the work of the local CPC. The metro area CPC (Center for Pregnancy Choices) has two locations, with the third coming by Spring of 2017 in the Fondren area. The CPC functions primarliy through donations from churches and individiuals, as well as through volunteer support. There are many needs that volunteers can fullfill for our CPC so that it can minister and serve it's community. To find out more about what CPC does, please visit today!

     In 2016, BHBC gave to the local CPC the highest amount a church has ever given to them. There are baby bottles placed in foyer and hall areas throughout the month to fill with change and return back to the church. While we hope to accomplish that again this year, we also want to emphasis ways to serve at/with the CPC.

You can empower women to choose life by:

Hosting a Baby Shower: This is a great local missions project anyone can do and is great for Bible studies and churches! Have a party or have a special spot to collect baby items such as bassinets, swings, strollers, bottles, bottle brushes, pacifiers, bath towels, cloth diapers, shampoo, toys, crib sheets, safety gates, packs & plays, car seats, diaper rash ointments, thermometers, Pedialyte, any items for babies up to 1 year or for pregnant moms.

Special Info for Diaper/Wipe Drive: We may give out 15-25 packs of diapers each week (10 diapers in each pack), mostly sizes 3, 4 & 5. Babies wear the smaller sizes for only a few months.

Bring Snacks for Center Hospitality: We need snacks and drinks for patient classes, volunteers, fundraiser meetings, and other means of day-to-day hospitality. We also need groups to sponsor parties during the holidays. Call the office for more information.

Donate Office Supplies: Items we use: copy paper, colored paper, card stock, invitation size envelopes, file folders, laser address labels, trash bags, paper towels, Kleenex tissues, toilet paper, disinfectant spray, air freshener, and cleaning supplies. Patient Care Packages/Mommy Gifts: We love to have "happies" to share with our patients. Care packages with lotions, nail polish, sample perfumes, and make-up (new items only please) make a wonderful group project for a small group or school club. You can also donate gift certificates for restaurants, shops, or nail salons.

Resource Room Organizer: Items are donated on a regular basis, therefore items need to be folded and re-sorted frequently.

Decision Specialist: Our relationship with our client usually begins when she comes in for a pregnancy test. She meets with a Decision Specialist who listens to her situation, encourages her by speak the truth in love and guides the client in critical thinking skills to equip her to make a good decision. You would have opportunities to speak on parenting, adoption, abortion, sexual integrity and the Gospel, Decision Specialists must complete an extensive training program.

Life Coach/Parenting Class: Become a Parenting Class facilitator or Life Coach. These volunteers work with the clients who continue coming throughout their pregnancies and until their child is 1 year old. Training provided.

Medical Team: Nurses, Sonographers, Doctors, or other medical personnel, can use their abilities to give care and information to our clients, such as pregnancy tests, obtaining health histories, giving referrals, discussing sexual & reproductive health care. The Medical Team may also help with chart audits, research, and medical follow up.

Data Entry Specialist: This person enters all confidential patient information into the patient database. This needs to be done in an efficient and timely manner. This is a very important behind the scenes position.

Post Abortion Support: Women who have experienced abortion and have completed one of our Post Abortion Bible Studies lead and support other women as they find hope and healing through Christ.

Receptionist: The first person our clients see in our office is the Receptionist. Receptionists sit at our front desk in order to greet and direct clients and do light clerical work. They have opportunities to visit with friends or family who may be accompanying a client Receptionists are responsible for making reminder calls for all appointments.

Helpline: Volunteers who are trained to answer the phone and may use the computer to schedule appointments for pregnancy tests. The warm, comforting and confident demeanor of the volunteer will assure the Patient that the CPC is a safe place to come for support and peace of mind.

Prayer Warrior/Newsletter: We need Prayer Support! Please pray for the items in our newsletter or come and pray over our patients, volunteers, and staff at the office. The CPC is in a spiritual war and all Prayer Warriors are welcome to help us in this fight,

Church Liaison: As a Church Liaison you would help us get the word out about what's going on at the CPC When we have urgent needs or information to communicate to the church or pastor, we call our Church Liaisons. Our Liaisons are our "in" or our "lifeline" to our supporting churches.

Public Relations/Fundraising: Public Relations Volunteers help us educate the community about who we are and the services we offer. We welcome new and innovative ways to help us connect with our community. Fundraising Volunteers would help with our fundraising events such as our annual Tri4Life and Benefit Dinner. You can do all of the following one time or on a regular basis. These do not require a regular commitment or training.

The Center for Pregnancy Choices serves as an extension of the body of Christ by meeting the needs of men and women facing unplanned pregnancies and helping them avoid the trauma of abortion.

Their Mission is to empower these men and women to choose life.... Life for their unborn baby Abundant Life for themselves by choosing to live a lifestyle of purity and holiness. Eternal Life by choosing to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

JACKSON OFFICE 601-713-2322

114 Office Park Plaza JACKSON, MS

HOURS: Monday-Friday 9.00 - 5:00 p.m.

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