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*To watch the presentation of the upcoming business meeting agenda, please go back and view the Midweek Service on 4/8/2020. A form will be available on this page Sunday, 4/12/20 from 8am until 5pm to vote. If you would rather, or if you know someone who doesn't have access to vote online, members can call the church office at 601.845.6843 or come to church office only on Friday, 4/10/20, from 8am to 3pm to cast their vote.

1st Motion Before the Church Membership

Background – as a result of the COVID19 pandemic, the Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), a provision of which (Paycheck Protection Program) authorizes loans to small businesses to help preserve employment.  Briefly, the act will loan an amount not to exceed 2.5 times the average monthly cost of payroll, with cost of payroll being defined as the sum of (a) salaries not exceeding $100,000 per employee; (b) health insurance benefits paid by the employer; (c) retirement contributions made by the employer; and (d) certain state employment based taxes.

The act’s intent is to preserve income streams for employees whose employers’ revenue may be affected by the COVID19 pandemic.  There is little doubt that an economic downturn will affect charitable giving, and charitable giving is where 100% of a church’s revenue comes from.  Churches are included within the definition of small businesses for the purposes of this act.

The amount loaned may be forgiven if certain conditions are met.  If not forgiven, it will become a loan with very favorable terms that can be prepaid without any penalty.   The amount Briar Hill qualifies to borrow is $74,780.

Church leadership believes it is in the best interest of the people employed by Briar Hill, who (like all employees everywhere) depend on their employment for living expenses, that the church apply for this loan, and is seeking authorization to do so.  The program is currently capped at $349 billion, but there are proposals before Congress to increase that cap.  But the sooner an applicant applies, the more likely that applicant is to be approved.

If approved to do so, Glynn Kegley will act as the agent of the church in applying for this loan at Trustmark Bank.

Motion before the church which, coming from a committee, is already deemed to have a second:

That Glynn Kegley be authorized to apply for a Paycheck Protection Program loan at Trustmark National Bank in the amount of $74,780.

2nd Motion Before the Church

During this time of quarantine and the Governor's "Shelter in Place" order, there may be issues and items of business that need to be dealt with accordingly, that we would normally do as a called business meeting at a normal in-house service. Currently, our church doesn't have any "Emergency Contingency Plans" to handle times like this. This motion will put in place a temporary committee of people who have already been elected by the church to carry out such business on behalf of the church membership. Those who will be on this committee are listed in the motion before the church below.

Motion before the church which, coming from a committee, is already deemed to have a second:

“That an Emergency Management Committee be formed consisting of the Deacon Council, Chair of the Stewardship Committee, Chair of the Personnel Committee, Chair of the Building and Grounds Committee, and Chair of the Bylaws Committee; and, that said committee have the authority to transact necessary business in the absence of called business meetings and this power shall be terminated July 1, 2020.”

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