Bridging the Gap


We live in a world were the Bible is accessbile to our fingertips anytime we want it, with an abundance resources. But the reality is that people are more disconnected from God in today’s society. At BHBC, we strive to Bridge the Gap in our faith by biblical doctrine, preaching, and discipleship. 


Characteristic of the early New Testament Church, there was major emphasis on fellowship. We want to Bridge the Gap not only in our membership, but within our surrounding community as well. We do this through small groups, events, and other opportunities to share with one another.


If you found out some of the most exciting news of your life, wouldn’t you want to share it with someone? That exactly the way we feel about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We strive to Bridge the Gap of ministry through outreach, on a local, state, national, and worldwide through missions and outreach.